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Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Perth Mettam's Mufflers and Exhaust Repairs & Replacements

It all begins with a free inspection and quote. Once we have identified the problem we can complete most exhaust and muffler repairs in around 20 minutes to get you back on the road quicker! 

Why should you come to Mettam's for your car exhaust repairs:

So why has your Exhaust system failed?

The most common reason for any exhaust system to breakdown is general wear and tear. Over the years your exhaust system has been subjected to extreme temperatures and poisonous gases which over time have broken down parts of your exhaust system. Most of the time you simply need to replace a muffler or tailpipe but sometimes the damage can extend right the way through the exhaust system.

We are here to help!

Above anything else we want to give you the best advice so that you can make the right decision. Always feel free to contact Mettam's Mufflers via email or directly at one of our 3 stores in Perth with any and all your enquires.