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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

The Testimonials

“I have used Mettam’s exhaust systems exclusively on all my rally cars since 1982. They have never failed me even though subjected to extreme road conditions and constant high temperature running for many hours at a time. I have always been impressed with their friendly professional staff.”

John Macarra – (4 time State Rally Champion)

“I am extremely happy with the friendly and professional service and that’s why I keep coming back.”

B. Vesey

I have been in recently with a XF Falcon resonator/muffler job and was quite impressed how neatly it was done as apposed to a hacksaw and hammer job...I did not feel as though my custom (job) was an inconvenience to them, other stores said it was not worth their time for the job I needed done at the price charged. Thanks.

J. Richards, Belmont

“I had a cat back system fitted at your Belmont store on my 5.0L V8 EB falcon and I must say I am blown away by the results. There isn’t a single person that I drive past that doesn’t turn their head when they hear me coming. i put a r33 skyline GTR to shame the other day at work. He was revving in the car park in front of his mates. I pulled up next to them and have mine a poke and damn near blew them away. Thanks a lot for everything.”

C. Jones

“My muffler was installed on Saturday and its great cheers for all your help and professional service.”


Hi, I recently had a 2 1/4 cat back sports system fitted to my 94 Lancer at your Belmont branch. I would just like to say that not only was I impressed with the prompt service and friendly staff but I was impressed with the improved performance in my car. I don\'t usually give feedback to people but I couldn\'t pass this one up. Once again thanks and good job.

W. Hilbert.

“We have just had headers and dual exhaust fitted to our car (Statesman) by the guys at the Kelmscott store. The system is better than expected and the guys were great. We want to say thanks for all for the price, service and system provided. We will recommend your service”

John M, Thornlie

I just wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent service and fitment I received whilst visiting your store in Morley last week. The head guy there was a pleasure to deal with and did a very good job on my car. (Mercedes Benz CLK 430). I would gladly recommend your company to anyone who required your services.

M. Laborde, Northbridge

Hi. Thanks for the system, it’s great.

Bodie, Morley

Well, first of all I have to say, that Mettam’s has more than lived up to its expectations. I have heard many very good comments about Mettam’s, and i have to say, that all these comments were not miss placed.

Thank you very much for the quick response, and the very informative and detailed email. I had not expected such a great level of service and help. Thanks also for the advice, and recommendations, I have to say, that the set up you\'ve suggested sounds very good to me, and the quote, is just absolutely brilliant, and I’m getting very excited just thinking about it.

A. Barker