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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Ford Festiva WA-WB

Take advantage of our years of experience as we explain the best options for your car.

The Extractors

A set of extractors will deliver more power and also have the potential to improve the engines efficiency and fuel economy under normal driving conditions.

The Exhaust System

To improve the sound and performance we believe that a 2 inch sports exhaust system will be ideal. This system will run from the cat converter backwards and will include a straight through performance muffler. Basically a stock standard system can be very restrictive, limiting the potential of the engine. By replacing it with a 2 inch system the car will breathe a lot better. You will notice an immediate improvement in performance.

The Chrome End/Tailpipe

To finish the system of in style you will be able to make your selection of exhaust tips from our large range of chrome and stainless steel tips.