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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Ford Fairlane, Fairmont & Falcon AU 1996 - 2000, 8 Cyl

Take advantage of our years of experience as we explain the best options for your car.

The Extractors

When it comes to the 8 cylinder AU we recommend a set Pacemaker extractors. These extractors are at the top of the range when it comes to the AU and a popular choice amongst previous customers. There are other brands of extractors available, but this would be our first choice. These extractors will provide more power and performance. They also have the potential to improve engine efficiency and fuel economy.

The Exhaust System

When it comes to choosing the right size exhaust system we recommend two options: a dual 2.5 inch system or a single 3 inch system. Both systems will provide a better flow of gases than standard. They come fitted with straight through performance mufflers to maintain the flow and improve performance.

Dual 2.5 inch exhaust system:

A popular choice amongst previous customers, the twin 2.5 inch exhaust system provides a true V8 note. The twin 2.5 inch exhaust system is also available in stainless steel and mandrel bent if you really want to go the distance. The dual system will be louder than the single 3 inch system.

Single 3 inch Exhaust System:

The single 3 inch system will deliver a good deep note. You will get a great new flow of gases which will improve the cars performance. This system is ideal for those who only want to hear the system when they really put the throttle down.

Hi-Flow Cat converters:

Our hi-flow cats have a greater surface area than regular cats and therefore encourage a better flow of gases from the engine, and less restriction. We can replace your stock standard cat for $300.

The Chrome End/Tail pipe

At the end of the exhaust system we weld on the AU style stainless steel tip. This tip is purpose built to fit nicely on the AU model and this is why it’s a popular choice.