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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Holden Commodore VN 6Cyl

Take advantage of our years of experience as we explain the best options for your car.


By fitting a set of extractors to you car you will notice immediate improvements in performance. Extractors also have to potential to improve fuel economy. It’s simple, if you want more POWER, you need EXTRACTORS.

When it comes to the VN V6 Commodore we have several brands of extractors available. However, the most popular choice and the set we recommend first are Pacemaker Headers.

The Exhaust System

When it comes to choosing the right size exhaust system, you need to find the perfect medium. If the pipe is too small it will create a lot of restriction and limit flow. However, bigger isn't always better. If the pipe is too big there will be too much flow, resulting in a lot of back pressure and a loss of power.

Single 2.5 inch Exhaust System:

Without a shadow of doubt we would recommend a mandrel bent 2.5 inch sports exhaust system. This system includes a straight through sports performance muffler. Unlike other mufflers, the straight through muffler allows gases to flow through it with very little restriction. This straight through muffler is also fibreglass packed with perforated tube.

Why mandrel bent systems?

Mandrel bent pipes/systems are intended for performance vehicles. Mandrel bent systems are non-reduction bent systems created with the goal of complementing engine modifications. Mandrel bent systems have no reduction in pipe size, unlike the 20% found in press bent. When small gains make a big difference, mandrel bent pipes should be a real consideration.

Stainless Vs Mild Steel

All of our exhaust systems are available in mild steel or stainless steel. The difference between stainless steel and mild steel is durability. Stainless steel mufflers will last longer and this is why it is more expensive. In terms of performance there is no difference.

The Chrome End/Tail pipe

To finish the system off in style we generally suggest either a 2.5 inch or 3 inch stainless steel exhaust tip.