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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Performance Mufflers

The muffler is responsible for reducing the sound made by your exhaust sytem.

As the gases leave the engine and make their way through the exhaust system, they're extremely loud. Mufflers were created to muffle the noise by bouncing the gases around and slowing them down.

While mufflers perform a great job in reducing sound, they can be very restrictive and limit performance. Changing a standard muffler to a performance muffler can help increase performance and enhance sound.

Fibreglass filled straight through muffler provides best performance and biggest volume

Straight Through Performance Mufflers

These Straight through Exhaust mufflers are fibreglass packed with a perforated tube and have very little restriction but can be a little noisy for some people or some cars.

Out of all our mufflers the straight through muffler is ideal for those wanting better performance and more sound.

Glass pack chambered muffler provides great performance and sound

Chambered Mufflers

This glass pack muffler is a great muffler for getting a happy medium between performance and sound.

As you can see the muffler is basically straight though, but the expansion chamber in the middle cuts out some of the drone.

Some variations in the sound produced may exist depending on the make/model of the car and its modifications.