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Need Exhaust Repairs?

Need Exhaust Repairs?

Want Better Performance?

Want Better Performance?

Car Accessories

Blow Off Valves

Fitting a blow off valve will increase the turPerformance blow off valve helps increase torquebo response between gear shifts, providing earlier boost and increased torque at lower RPM. Blow off valves also have the potential to improve the durability of the turbocharger.

At Mettam’s Mufflers we carry a significant range of top named blow off valves. We can also fit these blow off valves to your car with relative ease.

Air Pod Filters

Air Pod filters provide greater airflow and improve air filtrationPod filters are less restrictive than standard air filters. They improve air filtration and increase the amount of air flow into the engine improving efficiency. Adding a new Air Pod filter can be a quick, cheap and easy way to enhance your car!

Dump Pipes

We can make dump pipes to suit any of your requirements. Mettam’s Mufflers have built up a reputation for providing top quality jobs at affordable prices.

Inter Cooler Plumbing

Mettam’s Mufflers can do all of your inter cooling plumbing requirements. Whether you need silicone hose or intercoolers we are the experts that can help you.